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Start using automation and Artificial Intelligence to improve your airport’s passenger experience while reducing customer service costs.


Decarbonising mobility through the circular economy. Conversion of industrial and transport vehicles from combustion to electric.


Zhangshang is an exclusive app for Chinese tourism with all the information, online reservation and payment through its Chinese payment platforms.


Don’t waste your time waiting for your bags at the carousel, we’ll deliver them directly to your home or hotel!


Sustainable urban mobility app that provides you the routes that best match your preferences: search, book and pay.


airport management company in the world


airports worldwide


millions of passengers per year

Why Aena Ventures?

The selected startups will participate in a 6-month acceleration program to implement a paid pilot that could become a contract of up to €2 millions with Aena, the first airport management company in the world.




You will implement, through a pilot project, your solution at Aena’s facilities to verify its effectiveness, improve your product or service and open new lines of business.



You will have up to 50,000 euros for the implementation and you will have the opportunity to present your project on Demo Day.



We will give you the opportunity to get a contract of up to 2 million euros with us for the development and deployment of your idea in the selected airports.



You will participate in global open innovation platforms that connect startups, corporations and investors.


Mentoring & workshops

Meet with expert mentors from the airport sector, who will advise you in each phase of your project and participate in Workshops that will help you grow.


Physical facilities

We will offer you access to the operations of the airports, work groups and facilities with your mentors.

What are we looking for?


How to help the passenger, whether departing, connecting or arriving, reach the airport on time, pass simply through the filters and other airport procedures, move easily around the facility and reach their point of final destination.

  • Solutions for passing the security and passport controls.
  • Solutions for VAT refunds.
  • Solutions to reassure the passenger that they will reach their flight on time.
  • Making sure that users arriving in their own vehicle can find a parking place easily and quickly.
  • Grouping means of transport together, to help the passenger find the best mobility solutions.
  • Seeking ways to monetise this process.


How to make the passenger’s trip from when they decide to travel until they reach their destination pleasant and enjoyable, offering entertainment experiences for the passenger both in the airport and in flight, thinking of all kinds of passengers and cultures and seeking business models which guarantee return.

  • Leisure and entertainment solutions for any kinds of passengers, children, senior citizens, foreigners, etc.
  • Entertainment solutions the passenger can bring on board in flights.
  • Options for trying new products in the airport.
  • Facilities for purchasing in the airport and collecting at the destination.
  • Opening the commercial offering to the diversity of passengers to be found in the airport.


How to maintain the bidirectional flow of communication with the passenger, in real time, also trying to capture their loyalty, understood in general with all the associated diversity, from children to senior citizens, persons of reduced mobility and those with social, cultural or religious diversity, etc., and humanising this process of communication. Also seeking business models which guarantee the return on expenses and investment.

  • Solutions for advising on incidents with flights or accesses to the airport.
  • Solutions to allow the passenger to create incidents.
  • Solutions for communicating commercial services and offers.
  • Solutions which are multilingual and respectful toward passengers of all ages and religious persuasions.
  • A personalised channel which complements or improves the Aena Canal Club Clientte.
  • Solutions for unifying all communications with the passenger.
  • Solutions for assisting passengers of different cultures, children, senior citizens, persons of reduced mobility, for the airport to be accessible to all.
  • Consideration of the social, cultural and religious diversities of the passenger.


How to offer arguments that the airport is a sustainable place, and try to convince a type of passenger who does not wish to fly because they consider it polluting.

  • Information about and offsetting the carbon footprint of the trip and the journey.
  • Solutions for managing the waste from restaurants, plastic, boarding passes, parking passes, etc.
  • Reduction of energy costs, engaging the passenger.
  • Efficient energy management of the terminal.
  • Use of electric and autonomous vehicles (air side and ground side)
  • Charging electric vehicles and encouraging the use of hydrogen and other non-
    polluting fuels.


How to help the passenger not to worry about their suitcases, special baggage, pets, etc., both at check-in, in connections and at the destination.

  • Handling baggage for connecting flights, so the passenger need not concern
  • Baggage carousel improvement solutions.
  • Solutions for avoiding problems with luggage size when embarking.
  • Solutions for reserving cabin space for hand luggage.
  • Real-time information about the location of the cases and help in the processes of reuniting them with the passenger.
  • Facilitating baggage collection.
  • Solutions for handling special baggage and pets.

Mentors and Tutors

In addition to external mentoring from the best entrepreneurship specialists, you will have advice on airport matters from all areas of Aena, the world’s No. 1 company in airport management.



Your business with the airport



Respect for the environment



Leading systems in the airport sector


Airport services

Attention to the passenger



How to search government funding



Airport design, project and construction


Inscription →

October 14th 2020


Closing of the inscriptions to the program

Pre-selection →

January 2021


Announcement of selected candidates

Welcome Week →

April 2021

Welcome Week

Guided tour of the facilities and presentation of the teams

Demo Day →

November 2021

Demo Day

Presentation of the projects for  the entire organization of Aena that could give you access to all its airports


Why does an amount bid of € 0 appear on the contracting platform?

The amount of the project is variable, starting from the up to €36,000 for the operational costs, plus up to € 14,000 for the execution of the project, plus the possible subsequent contract of up to € 2,000,000. Therefore on the platform it is advertised without any amount, being the public terms and conditions of the project where the contracting amounts are explained in detail.

Does the program take equity?

No, Aena Ventures is an equity-free program, and the only obligation for the startup is to participate in the program and deliver a pilot project.

What documentation do you need as proof that the company was founded before 2018?

Any documentation that proves your society was founded before 2018. It can be a partners’ agreement or the certificate of incorporation of the company. If your society was founded after 1/1/2018, you still can apply in a consortium with a company founded before 2018, taking into account that partners from both companies should be in the meetings.

How to enroll in the program.

Enrollment can be done in two ways: Directly on the Aena Public Tender Processes Portal or through the page.
On this page, after registering, you can check the instructions to register.
Using this last method, Aena Ventures staff provides two document templates that can help you to complete the registration. It is not required to use these templates, they are simply a help available to those who need it to complete the registration.

In the detail of the team that the company has, as well as the participants in the acceleration process, areas of knowledge, and projects executed by each of the profiles presented. Can names be included?

At this section, the aptitudes of each profile and their position in the company are expected from the profiles proposed to be part of the program, not their names.

The contest bases document indicates 'add links or articles'; since I have to respect anonymity, what can I include there?

Any article, presentation or video that refers to the project can be included, but it is recommended that if its content is relevant to the proposal, this content appears detailed in the other points of the proposal.
As this contest has the requirement of anonymity, before reaching the jury the proposal is made an anonymity review in which if the name of the company appears, that part of the proposal could be eliminated.

Where should I register, by sending the documentation to or in the Electronic Presentation Platform (PPO)?

Both methods are valid, at there will be a team that will review it before officially presenting it and in case of finding any anomaly they will contact the company to clarify it. In the Electronic Presentation Platform, this process is not carried out.

Why must the documentation be delivered on a platform other than Aena Ventures?

All AENA contracts must be managed through its public procurement portal. In any case, from Aena Ventures we can help you generate the necessary documentation and present it in case you have doubts about the process.

Do you need to be in Spain for the program? Is physical attendance needed as part of the accelerator?

The program will be held mostly in online format. The presence in Spain will be needed during the welcome week at the beginning of the program and in the Demo Day. For the rest of the program the attendance will depend completely on the needs of the implementation of your pilot project with Aena.

Can any type of company submit to the acceleration program?

The acceleration program is designed for startups, and agility in decision making is understood as one of the most important features of a startup. That is why it is a requirement for participation in the program that at least one founder of the company with all the decision-making capacity personally attend the meetings of the accelerator.

In the conditions what does it exactly means that the clause number 20 about IP where it says: “Aena reserves the right to exploit the product or service for the airports of the Aena network”?

Whit this clause, Aena reserves the right to exploit the result of the pilot project created during the acceleration phase in the airports. In case of needed more development, maintenance or a rollout, a new agreement and contract should be negotiated with the startup (with a value up to 2m€)

In addition to document 1 and document 2 that of the proposal, can I present my project deck to reinforce the content?

You can add a deck of the project in document 2, but you should be sure that all the information is detailed in it, otherwise, if in the process of reviewing the proposal it is considered that it does not respect the anonymity clause, it could be eliminated.

Can I include videos in the documentation presented?

Given the requirement to make the proposal anonymous, if the company name does not appear in the videos, they can be included. But if it did appear, they would surely be filtered before reaching the jury and they might not see them, so it is recommended that their content be clearly explained in the proposal.

Our project involves integrating with some of the airport systems, can we do it during the pilot?

Aena is open to carry out the necessary integrations if the value returned by the integration is bigger than its price. During the pilot phase, the way to make these integrations or to create solutions to make a minimum viable product will be negotiated before a possible integration.

In colaboration with Peninsula Corporate Innovation.